Here are the people and companies that helped me to this trip! 

Where to start and where to finish, throughout the process of preparation I had support from everywhere, everyone help me somehow to make this journey possible! I would like to start with my parents who at the beginning were not so supported but mostly worried, although they understand my craziness and now they support me more than any other. After Constantine, who I think after some point he wanted more than me to start the journey and leave him alone, but he still remain my greatest supporter and maybe manager, thank Constantine for all the promotion and the page management but also the whole design piece (logo, t-shirts, website, etc.). Then I would like to thank all my friends for their support and understanding they show me all these years and thank them for the promotion of the project! Thank you very much Mari for building my website and sorry for being pain in the a** all this time. Furthermore all of you that I haven t named but they have helped me during the preparation and during the trip. With all of you this journey became better and I am glad to share it with you! Thank you so much!


Terramare is one of our great sponsors in the camping equipment. In the shop you will find anything you can imagine that is related to the mountain or the sea, if you drop by from two stores, one in Piraeus in Omirou Skylitsi Street 2-4 and Egaleo in Iera Odo Street 263 you can see it yourself. In the shops there is a well-informed variety of products of your favourite activities. Terramare granted all the necessary equipment for camping on the African continent.


Kijani collection

Miseni Retreat is the place I lived for almost three months volunteering in the buffer zone of Saadani national park and it belongs to the Kijani collection. The reason I stayed so long was because I fell in love with the place, the nature and the people of Gongo village. Kijani collection was created to support development of local communities in rural Tanzania, a second camp, Maisha camp will be soon established on the coast. Thank you so much for your hospitality all this time! 

Miseni Retreat creates income for SANA (Saving Africa's nature) which assist in the economic development of the local communities and to the preservation of the pristine Zaraninge forest and of the endangered Kikwati corridor. It is an environmentally sustainable and energetically self-sufficient camp with almost zero impact to the surrounding environment.

''Our aim is to live in aggrement with nature''



Livetrip traveller

I met Manolis during my preparation for the trip and since then has helped me like to know each other for year. From the beginning when we came in contact and told him that I am interested for the application it is like we are together on this journey.

LiveTrip Traveller application is a unique application for travellers who want at any time to share their trip with friends, parents and especially people who have a passion for travel.

The application allows you to send online messages with text, photos and location throughout the duration of your trip and messages when you are offline through messages when internet will be scarce to various remote areas of Africa. All uploaded messages are logged on a Live Map, where guests can follow the journey.

There is also the LiveTrip Viewer application which is for those who want to follow and bring travellers closer through the posts in the application.


And according to those guys who made by the application:


"A journey gets better when it’s shared with others ..."



Kleonakos Insurances is one of our great sponsors of the project. Kleonakos Insurances after many years of experience provides modern insurance products always suggesting the most reliable insurance companies operating in the Greek and global insurance market. Kleonakos Insurances after years of collaboration with me by providing me various insurance products entrusted our project and willing to grant us the travel insurance as well as the ticket from Athens to Cairo.




Travel Bookstore ’

The Travel Bookstore of Nakas Group for a number of years provide specialized travel products, in a wide variety and affordable. In the store of street Solon 71 in Athens you will find the largest selection of maps and travel guides to every corner of the planet, from all major domestic and international publishers. There is still a wide variety of books of history, mythology, gastronomy etc. and intelligent solutions and proposals for all ages (GPS, compasses, calendars etc.)





What can I say for this bar, one of the best bars I have ever worked, authentic and constant value for the last 20 years in the centre of Athens at Skouleniou Street 2! I didn’t work for a long time, almost 6 months but I had a great time and it was a bar that made my winter in Athens much better! Xorostasion is one of our sponsors that helped and supported this journey! Thank you and I hope all the best!




I won’t say much, just go to Amorgos Island, find Αmorgialos, ask for Christos and he will tell you the rest! Thank you for everything and for being so tolerant with us all these years!



Boards&Wheels store provided us in very good prices equipment for the bicycle. The store is located in Nea Ionia on Afroditis 20 Street and the guys there are willing to help you for everything you need for bicycle and your board! Thank you guys, keep going like this!


Onboard camera

Onboard camera is store located in Kallithea on street Dimosthenous 239. The guys there knows everything about action cameras so if you are looking for one this is the place! Onboard camera provided us in very good price the Drift Stealth 2 camera! Thank you




PlanetSim is one of our sponsor for this project. It is a prepaid cell phone sim card that offers low and simple international rates when roaming. Perfect for businesses large and small, traveling internationally for work, studies and any individual needs.

We suggest to check your mobile device compatibility with the mobile networks of the country you will travel to.

PlanetSim allows to travellers all around the world, calculate their telecommunication costs without any of the unpleasant surprises of hidden bills. Thank you so much for your support!


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