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A different demonstration has been held on the 7/11/2014 in the centre of London outside of the Japanese embassy. Members of environmental organisations and organisations for the protection of marine diversity such as the Dolphin Project and the Sea Shepherd demonstrated for the brutal slaughter of dolphins and small cetaceans in Taiji where it happens annually with the blessing of the Japanese government.

This massive slaughter starts on the 1st of September every year and finishes at the end of March. Japanese government refuses to stop this kind of actions by not recognising dolphins as cetaceans which are protected from international laws.

Behind the slaughter there is a huge industry with a great profit since the demand of alive dolphins for performances in aquarium has risen the last 30 years. Prices for dolphins reaches the 200.000$ and those that are not so beautiful for the audience their fate is to be killed and sold to the market for meat consumption. Although, dolphin’s meat and all the other marine species that are at the top of the food chain has been proved that are toxic because of the high content of mercury which is very dangerous for our health.

Ric O’ Barry was at the first line of the demonstration, who had become famous after the awarded with Oscar documentary The Cove at 2009, for his contribution to show the real truth behind the spectacular performances in dolphinariums around the world and raise the awareness about the slaughtering and in some point in the future to empty all the tanks and dolphins will live free with their families in the wild ocean.

The residence of London supported this attempt and send a message to the Japanese government that what happens in Taiji has to stop immediately and that all of us, with different ways we can make the change.

If you want to help:

Do not buy a ticket for the dolphinariums and just remember that every time a ticket has being sold, contributes to the longer stay of this creatures in the tanks.

Be a part of if: sign now to pressure the Japanese government to stop the slaughter: http://dolphinproject.org/take-action/dolphins-in-captivity

Be informed: Environmental protection is something that concerns us all.

Other ways to help: http://www.seashepherd.org/cove-guardians/what-you-can-do.html

“If we can’t stop that, if we can’t fix that, forget about the bigger issues. There is no hope.”

Ric O’ Barry.


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