We have all influenced from the refugee crisis and it will be nice to help those people as much as we can. In September we took the initiative to gather some money, clothes and essential materials and go in one of the islands where during the summer the refuges flows were unstoppable. Once we gathered the materials, we went to Agathonisi Island in eastern Aegean to help the local community and the people where they have to travel so many kilometres for a better future.



We would like to thank everyone who helped for the transportation, the supply and the contribution of the materials, but especially my friends Galini, Marianna and Federico for being there the whole duration of the mission. We thank the residents of Patmos Island who contributed with materials for the mission but also the people from Amorgos Island for the amount of money which gathered and offered. Finally we are thankful for all those people who help volunteerly, the Archipelagos organisation for being there for its contribution and the residents of Agathonisi Island, those who try to help.

Agathonisi is a small island with approximately 150 permanent residents with one policeman, two coastal guards and without doctor or nurse. On the days we were there the refugees exceeded the 700 in total including many infants and children.



The first day was around 400 refugees, the second around 80-100 (due to weather) and the last day of our stay there was 200-250 refugees. These people arrive exhausted in Agathonisi during the night from Turkey by boat, the most of them wet with few things and clothes, women with babies, and children without shoes. All of them are awake at least for 2 days walking and they have to walk around 4-5 km to reach the Port Authority and waiting in the sun for hours until the coastal guards complete the registration. Those people remain only a few hours on the island until they complete their registration and be photographed.


After Agathonisi they are sent to Samos for 1-2 days waiting for asylum and to be free to continue to Athens and from there to the borders with final destination the resto of Europe. Agathonisi did not have the infrastructure for so many people and automatically that means problems for the locals who finally resent with the presence of the refuges and do not help. In contrast they take advantage of the situation of these people and they sell cigarettes pack 7 euros.



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