My goal is to cross Africa having as main transport bike. The starting point is defined in Cairo, Egypt and the finish will be in Cape Town in South Africa. The entire journey will take approximately one year except contingency and the entire route will be about 16000 km. I will cover on average 50-60 km per day and I rest when it is necessary, but there will be some bigger breaks to participate in voluntary programs. I will try to combine as many as I can do, it is not simply a journey to the south, on the way I will participate in humanitarian and ecological projects. There is no specific plan for the duration of stay in each country. Along the way I will try to be hosted from locals and through couchsrfing and warmshowers but also I will use my tent when is possible.



Why bicycle?

First let's start for my bike! After several months of meditation and soul searching I decided to name my bike Mamba! The Mamba is a large venomous snake which is found in sub-Saharan Africa. There are two kinds of mamba, the black and the green. The Black Mamba is considered of the most dangerous snakes in Africa, particularly in South Africa, the bite of black Mamba is also known as the 'kiss of death'! Why Black Mamba? Why my bike swallows km as the snake its preys and because it is totally black.



A Bicycle is environmental friendly way of transportation, so this is a nice way to raise awareness for the environment and to present an alternative mode of transport. It is also one the most economical way to achieve such a trip. It will offer you the opportunity to meet new cultures and greater socialization chances.


Finally before and during the trip I will be working with the NGO PRAKSIS creating a crowdfunding campaign to raise money, where most of the donations will be allocated to the organization and a small part for carrying out the project. The PRAKSIS is an independent non-governmental organization which has as its main objective, design, application and implementation of humanitarian and medical action programs. Namely combating social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and defend the individual and social rights.




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