Well, my name is Alex and I'm a 28 year old. Ever since I can remember myself when I was a child I was spending hours on maps, I was looking each country borders, their capitals, what language they speak and how far are they from Greece.

At the age of 10-11 years old I bought my first Atlas, a small book that had information on all countries, illustrated with beautiful drawings and little more cartoonish maps (still have it). I read it all, I've browse many times but was not enough, as I was growing up and kept buying more books. Approximately 3 years ago, when I was searching what are my skills and what I am good at, I realized that is it, that since childhood I was attracted the unknown, what we call EARTH. I never thought that any destination is impossible, just simply is more difficult accessible than others.


 So I decided to make a trip by bicycle to experience as much as I can the African continent. The journey is not easy, but it is the magic that separate you from the classic, safe tourism and live a life experience which it will develop you as a person and makes you see life from another angle. Also after some trips I have done in Europe, Central America and North Africa have decided that I want to travel with a goal, I do not want just to wander, but during the trip to contribute as much as I can, but also to fill and more many experiences as I can.












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